Blissful Brown Holistic Treatments List 2023

Thai Herbal Compress Massage (hot herbal compresses rolled over your aching muscles to soothe, relax and release tension. Can be as strong or as gentle as you need).

Indian Head Massage (super relaxing, can help relieve headaches, reduce stress+tension and much more).

Aromatherapy Massage:– After a detailed consultation, a blend of therapeutic oils will be tailored to your exact needs at that time and massaged into your body. You decide which areas you need – full body/ back, neck and shoulders etc

Oncology Massage– very gentle and relaxing, specifically for people with (and beyond) cancer

Angelic Reiki Energy Healing:- Gently releasing trapped energy as you relax (Helps with stress, tension etc). Also helps with sleep issues, physical pain and trapped emotions

Silent Counselling Rapid Energy Release :- Working with the breath and specific meridian points to get to the root cause of various health and/ or emotional issues/ anxiety and stress, without the need to discuss (unless you want to). This helps to release trapped emotions and trauma stored from life experiences, which can also be subconscious. This in turn improves health and quality of life. This can be done via video call from the comfort of your own home, as well as in person if preferred.

Health and Happiness Consultation:- Looking at all aspects of your life and helping you to establish and achieve small sustainable changes for a healthier and happier life…

Treatments Pricelist~
45mins £30 / 60mins £40/ 90mins £50 / 120mins £70

VIP Holistic Health and Happiness group online which will be only £15 per month (or £150 for discounted annual subscription) for founding members, with weekly prompts, tasks/ideas and support.

Women’s Wellness Workshops. Please get in touch for more info…

Contact Susan ~
Facebook Page:- Blissful Brown (07950739836)